Good Ole’ Rocky Top


The renowned Rocky Top volleyball tournament rolls around every year near the second week into September. This year, Lenoir City’s Lady Panthers got the opportunity to play in this noteworthy tournament. The Rocky Top classic allows volleyball players from all over the state, and even beyond the state, to compete and have a chance to win games for their school. 

Sophomore Amelia Neirmann feels that her time spent at the rocky top classic has proved to be beneficial. 

“I definitely felt better about my skills afterwards, especially since I made some good plays. The tournament was a good experience altogether, and it built confidence as a player,” Neirmann said. 

This was Neirmann’s very first time attending this tournament, among various other new players, such as Kylie Pearce (10). 

“After visiting the tournament it was able to show me that not all teams are on the same level as other teams we have faced, it has shown me that I have improved since the start of the season,” Pearce said.

Pearce feels that although her time at the tournament was daunting at times, the overall effect the experience had on her was significant. 

“The opportunity to go and play at the Rocky Top classic has shown me that every volleyball player has a different story behind why they’re really there, and that this was a good chance to allow everyone to play freely,” Pearce said. 

Lenoir City volleyball continues to grow with the positive influence of the amazing new coaching staff. Many look forward to the bright future ahead of the program and all the future opportunities that will be given to them.