Calling All Harry Potter Fans!


Exciting things are beginning to happen this fall, but nothing is more exciting than the replay of the Harry Potter movies. Regal Cinema theaters have reissued the movies for the 20th anniversary approaching this month. Each movie will only be five dollars, causing all Harry Potter fans to run to their local theater. Carlos Ramirez, a fan of Harry Potter since 2011, could not have heard better news. His love for the fantasy world of Hogwarts has never died away.

“The Harry Potter movies are able to pull me away from the reality I live in. The thought of magic existing in the world seems so cool,” Ramirez said.

His love for these movies has never ended, and he has already bought tickets for the first showing. He plans that he will take his girlfriend to watch the movies with him. Another big Potterhead is Kathyrne Cams, and she has traveled to California to visit the Harry Potter Wizarding World at Universal Studios.

“It was a wonderful experience. I never thought an alternative world could exist in the world we live in today. My nephew thoroughly enjoyed Universal just because of the Harry Potter Wizarding World,” Cams said.

She and her nephew were jubilant to discover the Harry Potter movies will be re-released. They were looking for something to bond over, and the Harry Potter reshowing was the perfect thing for them.

“I think we just found something to do every weekend,” Cams said.

Regal Cinema theaters are cautious about the reshowing of the movies. Many of these movie theaters are going to be hectic, as the fans adore the movies.

“If I had to choose one movie series to watch for the rest of my life, it would be the Harry Potter movies. I never get bored from watching them,” Ramirez said. 

Carlos Ramirez is not the only one who has a strong passion for the fantasy world of Harry Potter, as many are looking forward to rewatching the movies at their local theater.

With this being said, all Potter fans will be having the time of their lives this weekend. Be sure to watch them before Thursday, September 29th!