Tennessee Valley Fair 2022


The Tennessee Valley Fair has been hosting its organization for over 100 years now! It’s dedicated to showcasing the East Tennessee heritage of agriculture and arts. They’ve been here since 1916, holding the first fair at Chilhowee Park & Exposition Center. The fair offers numerous activities from rides, competitions, and shows to various food and live entertainment. This family-friendly event welcomes different communities within Tennessee. Mrs. Spears had an amazing time taking a look at their animal petting zoo. 

“I’m an animal lover, so I liked the animal section. That was interesting and fun,” Mrs. Spears said. 

She also had time to view all the different types of food they had. 

“I liked the food [because] there was not a shortage of food for you. I had funnel cake and a root beer,” Mrs. Spears said. 

Serena Nguyen (12) also had an interesting time going to the fair. 

“I liked the TN Valley Fair because there were a lot of different types of food. There was funnel cake, fried Oreos, hotdogs, hamburgers, and so much food you could snack on,” Nguyen said.

Not only did Nguyen enjoy all the types of food that were offered, but she also had fun on the rides. 

“The rides were amazing too! There were kid rides, teenage rides, and it was a good night to go since it was a relaxing atmosphere,” Nguyen said. 

With petting zoos, foods of all types, and rides for people of all ages, the TN Valley Fair offers various activities for anyone to enjoy. Take the time to visit and try all the numerous activities with your friends or family!