A Field Trip of Knowledge!


Eli Park

Amanda Matzek (12) uses the machinery at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Rebecca Herrera, Staff Writer

 During this last week, the Engineering Class in LCHS went on a field trip to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). All students viewed the laboratory for new information on engineering, understanding machinery, and the history behind the laboratory. Amanda Matzek (12) joins the engineering field trip with her class in order to see ORNL for the first time in person.

“I was really interested in engineering and I wanted to see the National Lab since they’re so close,” Matzek said.

Through this trip each student was able to view engineers and their machinery that could one day be in future occupations they desire. For Matzek, being in the lab helped her view engineering in a way that could further her career options.

“Hearing people talk about what they did for their job and what their day to day life is like was very helpful. I like seeing all the power machines that I would want to design or work on,” said Matzek.

Not only was this experience for students to gain knowledge on their future, but students also got a scoop of information on the history behind the laboratory. 

“I learned more about what the engineers did in the Oak Ridge Lab and how they contributed to everything during World War II,” said Matzek.

Going to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the engineering students has given a broader view into what engineering is like hands on.  Therefore, exciting field trips that educate students in their class subject, gives each peer a better experience into what we can bring to our society and helps acknowledge future advancements for careers in that subject.