Cheap Shots


When it comes to Battle of the Bridge, Lenoir City is always ready for some competition, and of course, Loudon always tries their best to get inside our heads. Well, this year, a group of Loudon students decided to take a shot at vandalizing our very own rock at LCHS. Obviously, these were some pretty cheap shots, and students like Conner Richards (10), Leland Patterson (10), Jorge Sanchez (11), and staff member Jessica Rose shared their thoughts on the matter. 

“I thought it was childish because we didn’t do anything to them,” Richards said. 

Richards felt as though this act of vandalism was childish and ridiculous, and Patterson agreed. 

“It’s pretty ridiculous. We should be able to do something back to them,” Patterson said. 

Meanwhile, other people shared different thoughts on the matter.

“It’s all a part of the Battle of the Bridge. I mean, it’s always been a tradition, and it’s just a way students can show their school spirit,” Rose said. 

Sanchez agreed with the vandalism and felt as though it was funny. He also mentioned that he wouldn’t mind joining them. 

“I agree with it and personally I wouldn’t mind doing it with them. It was pretty funny as well, and we should continue on with the tradition,” Sanchez said. 

It seems as though Loudon and Lenoir City should continue with this tradition of “vandalism” and show each school’s spirit.