We Love Fall Most of All!


Cozy sweaters for cooler weather, multi-colored leaves, the smell of apple cider, and the taste of pumpkin spice. Many individuals know fall as the season where Halloween takes place, and nothing more. However, there are many activities and little details about the season of Autumn that are heavily overlooked. 

Emily Tsujihara (11) shared what she loved the most about the autumn season.

“My favorite part of fall is the leaves changing color because it creates such a comforting atmosphere, and the colors are beautiful,” Tsujihara said. 

Aside from the beautiful effect fall has on the environment, it brings many fun activities to the table as well. In various areas of east Tennessee, there are plenty of pumpkin patches just waiting to be explored. Pumpkin patches make a fun, easy, and affordable activity for you and your family to enjoy. Sophomore, Mackenzie Arwood, also enjoys taking part in this fun fall festivity. 

“My favorite fall activity has to be the pumpkin patch. I love going out with friends and family and hanging out,” Arwood said. 

Of course, there’s always the traditional option of pumpkin carving. Intricate designs can be made to celebrate Halloween. Having a friendly little carving competition sounds

If getting out of the house isn’t your cup of tea, have no fear! There is plenty more to do during this season. There are multiple different TV shows and movies that make a special appearance, ranging from horror movies and thrillers to cute, cozy TV programs. 

More of a sports fan? Well you’re in luck! Another bonus of the season of autumn rolling around means that it’s football time! Whether you go to a game or watch it on the television, football is a fun way to spend a Friday night. Deck yourself out in your favorite team gear, curl up on the couch, and root for your favorite team! 

Regardless of how you wish to spend this season, there are plenty of options and opportunities for everyone to take part in. Make sure to take lots of pictures to commemorate this beautiful season!