Tanasi-More Than Just A Clubhouse


Eleanor Sims, Staff Writer

Last Saturday, the Tellico Village community experienced a major tragedy. After standing 26 years, the community-loved golf course, Tanasi, lost their clubhouse to flames.

It is theorized that the fire started either in the kitchen or the attic, but unfortunately, it can not be determined until the Loudon County fire department has made their final analysis.

However, finding how the fire started is a much greater feat than communicating how this fire has affected the Tellico Village community and the people who regularly went to this beloved place.

A regular of Tanasi, Lynn Moyers, and her husband have been a resident of Tellico Village for over 20 years.

“I still remember the first weekend we ever visited the village. The beauty of the lake and the restaurant setting made a wonderful impression on the both of us,” Moyers said.

After learning about the fire, naturally, Moyers was devastated.

“Tanasi had been a happy gathering place for our friends for years…after learning what happened and seeing the charred ruins, it was truly heartbreaking,” Moyers said.

But, despite the heartbrokenness, Moyers is hopeful for the future of Tanasi.

“Golf goes on, and we know that the new Tanasi will go on too. Tanasi is a big part of Tellico Village, and a new building will show how much we support its value,” Moyers said.

Tanasi has set up a temporary clubhouse, once their old “snack shack”, to continue to let golfers upon the course. And, the other restaurants, golf courses, and residents of Tellico Village have all come together to help.

“Despite the tragedy, everyone in the community is willing to take up and support what was lost. Toqua, Kahite, and even the yacht club in Tellico Village are hiring workers from Tanasi and changing restaurant hours as well. And, many of my customers have exclaimed how excited they are to give money to support the new clubhouse soon to be built,” a Toqua employee said.

It looks as if the future of Tanasi is in good hands, and this incident just shows how sometimes a tragedy can allow a community to grow stronger together.