Spring Field Trips!

April 4, 2023


As we enter into the last home stretch of the 2022-2023 school year, many emotions come with it. Students are anxious to finish assignments, stressed for all the upcoming finals and excited for the summer, yet upset at another year gone by. The faculty do their best to make the last few months the most memorable. Some teachers decide to take their classes on field trips to allow their students to take a deeper dive into the topics they’re learning in class or to have a break from the structured schedule at school. In the past month, most of the field trips have been taken by classes in the CTE program. One student, Maggie Tate (11), had the chance to explore her possible profession in the medical field.

“In our medical diagnostics class, we took a field trip to the blood medic center to observe the blood donating process. This could be a part of my job one day, and this field trip helped me to see what I might do day to day,” Tate said.

This field trip provided a break from the usual schedule and many students enjoyed discovering new aspects of the medical field.

“I really liked going on this field trip and all the field trips we take in this class are always really interesting. You learn a lot and it’s really cool to see how intelligent the nurses and doctors are and just puts into perspective what a career in this field would look like,” Tate said.

Some field trips are for future profession discovery, while others are observational. The journalism, creative writing, music history, and musical theater classes all joined together to enjoy the production of Beauty and The Beast at the Knoxville Children’s Theater. This trip provided a different and unique purpose for each individual class. The journalism class indulged in a great performance without the structured schedule of a school day, the creative writing class was able to see this live performance after watching Beauty and The Beast in class and completing a short story assignment. The music history class was able to study the live music and use the skills they have learned in class to hear the music from a different point of view, and the musical theater class got to take this chance to learn from actors and actresses around their age. They were able to observe the sets, props, and costumes as inspiration for their next productions. They got the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of musical theater and take every moment as a learning experience. Tristan Rice (12) from the journalism class shares his experience on this particular field trip.

The play was so well made and the production team was amazing. The actors were phenomenal and very talented with their scene delivery,” Rice said.

This field trip was a fun one for Rice as he was able to engage in communication with friends and enjoy a classic story.

“Field trips are a fun way to get students out of the same everyday classroom and see something new while hanging out with friends,” Rice said.

Spring is the season for field trips and they offer so many unique experiences. Further knowledge and understanding about their classes all learned in a different way full of memories and excitement. Many students are so thankful for the experience of a change of pace and environment with the accompaniment of education.  

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