Life of Two Sisters in a Ranch!

For Perla and Esmeralda Avalos living in a ranch is full of adventures and fun times daily! They describe it as a privilege and they would not want to live anywhere else with their family. When asked what they would change about this experience, they answered firmly, “Nothing.¨


Who doesn’t like a little privacy? Now imagine having the amount of privacy you would want to have daily!


¨In {our ranch} there is a lot of land and privacy.¨ Perla said.


¨The best thing about living in a ranch is the privacy.¨ Esmerlada said. 


With the cold approaching so rapidly Perla and Esmeralda are making a few changes around their ranch. 


¨My dad built the sheep a shelter as well as the chickens and for all the baby animals , he puts a light to keep them warm.¨ Perla said. 


¨I think it is a great idea that my parents buy heaters every winter to keep our animals warm during the winter.¨ Esmeralda said. 


Although there are many things both sisters enjoy about living in their ranch they both agreed the animals are the best part. 


¨The best part about our ranch is being able to interact and learn so many things about the animals we have.¨ Perla said.


At the end of the day,both sisters can agree living in a ranch has made the whole family´s bond closer but especially their sister bond.They learn and explore many new things on a daily basis and love to do it together. 


¨We couldn’t imagine doing this with anybody else.¨ Perla and Esmeralda Avalos said.