Here’s The Scoop On Pumpkin Carving


Seana Wilson, Staff Writer

How do you celebrate Halloween? Some go trick or treating, some don’t do anything, and some decide to show spirit by carving pumpkins. Michael Wampler (11) decided to carve a pumpkin just recently for the spooky season. 

“I try to make something I’m proud of. It’s tradition for me every year,” Wampler said.

Wampler has carved his own pumpkins for many years. Wampler has practiced to get better over the years. 

“I used to use a stencil [when carving], but now I free hand most of my things,” Wampler said.

Wampler isn’t the only one that carved pumpkins recently.

Kayley Campbell (12) also carved a pumpkin for this year. Campbell and Wampler actually carved their pumpkins together. 

“I love carving pumpkins! It’s fun!” Campbell said.

Campbell has carved pumpkins for the past few years. Within those years, she has learned to create designs without stencils, and do it freehand. 

“I never use a stencil. I always free hand,” said Campbell.

Campbell has had a hobby of painting since she was younger. Campbell’s love of painting, and designing transitioned into pumpkin carving. Wampler has learned to free hand his designs, while Campbell has always free handed her designs. Maybe we’ll get to see what the two of them get to create next year!