The Dangerous Season


Alondra A.C., Writer

The deadly flu season has hit the United States early this year, yet it still hasn’t gone away. Forty-nine of the fifty states are impacted by the flu. Some health officials say that it might be the worst but unusual flu season the United States has had from the past years.

The flu always causes many deaths and many illnesses. This years most common flu strain is an influenza called H3N2, also known as the “Aussi Flu.”. This influenza tends to cause the most danger.Since most people aren’t exposed to this type of influenza, less people are immune to it. The Aussie Flu tends to do more effect on little kids and the elderly; therefore, it is more dangerous than other types of flu’s.

Vaccines for this year’s flu season have become less effect. The Aussi Flu changed and developed faster than what was predicted. It changed to being able to avoid the immunity of the vaccine. Hospitals are getting very full with all the ill people. There are usually 140,000 to 710,000 hospitalizations and nine to thirty-five million illnesses. Out of all those hospitalizations and illnesses there are 12,000 to 56,000 deaths. Another important aspect is that one out of thirteen clinic visits are people who have symptoms of the flu. The same levels of clinic visits happened on the pandemic of 2009.

Many schools have had to close because of all the kids sick. According to an article by Julia Belluz, she says, “Alabama even declared a public health emergency over the flu.”

Bella Fricks(10) shares what she is doing to prevent the flu.

“ [ I ] wash my hands and make sure I don’t share food or drinks with anyone,” said Fricks.

Doctors and clinics are also advising to take care of yourself when you are sick. Covering your coughs and washing your hands is advised so you can prevent someone from getting sick too.