Tis The Season


Carolina Jay, Staff Writer

Tis The Season

Have you started your Christmas countdown yet? Have you got your tree put up, pulled out the lights, and sent out christmas cards? As the years go by, it seems Christmas comes quicker and quicker every year. With the holiday quickly approaching, it is never to early to get in the spirit.

Christmas is a holiday meant to be spent with family and friends. Because Christmas is such a special holiday, there are plenty of ways you and your friends and family can prepare for the holiday season together.

If you live in East Tennessee, you are in for a treat this holiday season. There are plenty of festive activities to embark in here and there.

One way you can enjoy the season is by going to Dollywood in Gatlinburg. During the months leading up to Christmas, Dollywood is lit up like a winter wonderland covered up with Christmas lights here and there. You also can go to Santa Land and see Santa while you are at Dollywood. While you are in Santa Land, you can also meet Rudolph and his friends. While you’re at Dollywood, gather your family and friends and get ready for the parade of many colors.

Boarding the Polar Express at the Smoky Mountain Railroad is an interactive way to celebrate the Christmas season. On the Polar Express, you will be served hot cocoa just like the kids in the movie are. You also will get a ticket to be punched. While riding the train, passengers are instructed to wear their PJ’s and favorite house slippers. When the Polar Express arrives at the North Pole, you and your family can see Santa and he will give everyone a special gift just as he did on the movie. She says “ I bake cinnamon rolls with my family and deliver them to firemen and policemen we also sing Christmas carols.” Hannah and her family also like to give back to the community she says “ we also do

Students at LCHS also have their own ways to prepare for the holiday. Hannah Lawson(12) says that her and her family love to participate in christmas festivities.

As Christmas approaches, it is the perfect season to spend time with those you love. I hope you’ll take a visit to Dollywood or board the Polar Express this holiday season.