Rats in Roubaix


Davina Lewis, Editor

Recently in France, a 14-year-old, paraplegic girl was attacked by rats while staying in a rented home located in the Northern town of Roubaix.

She was examined by a medical examiner and reported to have had 45 facial lesions, 150 lesions on her hands, and 30 wounds on her feet. Surgeons can’t repair some of the fingertips that were bitten off. Multiple tests were run, including a rabies test. This, fortunately, was negative. A “pack of rats” seemed to have been the cause of such wounds, claimed by a forensic pathologist.  

According to her father, she was found in her bed, soaking in blood. Blood was coming out of her ears, as well. The girl, due to her condition, must not have cried out from pain. Despite this, the bites could have caused infections and/or other health issues. Two ambulances were called to the site.

Katelyn Adcox (12) expresses her shocked views at such an occurrence.

“That is quite grotesque;it sounds like Medieval torture,” said Adcox.

The father is willing to sue the landlord for negligence, as the place was filled with grime and filth. He is also going to sue the city for not responding to the problem.

Investigation has taken place and will continue until the problem is solved.