2016 Hindsight

Davina Lewis, Editor

It’s well into January now. This means that the previous year’s highlights are being forgotten and replaced with a new slate; however, I’d like to take some time to remember some great things and to recall some events that we should learn from in order to improve 2017 and years to come.

2016 was a highly political year. For starters, Obama visited Cuba. In 88 years, no president had ever visited Cuba. This was a very historical event, as Cuba and the U.S. have had negative tension in the past. This was also Obama’s last year of president. This left the U.S. with a huge electoral decision. Senator Bernie Sanders was one candidate. He made history as the first Jewish politician to win a presidential nominating contest.

There can be no positive without negative, and, boy, did 2016 have its moments of chaos, tragedy, tension, and uproar. The election in general was no piece of cake, with various scandals involving Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Not to mention the Brexit issue, and even Russian hackers. Samsung phones had issues with combustion, the Zika virus spread, and there were tragedies like the Pulse nightclub shooting. 

On a lighter note, 2016 was a year in which there were plenty of good things: new memes, the Rio Olympics were a hit, Catholic and Orthodox officials met (this hasn’t happened in a grand 1,000 years), Measles were annihilated from the U.S., Chicago Cubs historically won the World Series, teen pregnancy and unemployment were at their lowest, high school graduations were at a high record, pandas are no longer extinct, we had Pokemon GO, Harriet Tubman was voted to be on the $20, and the musical Hamilton won many awards.

In retrospect, many celebrities and important figures passed away this year: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Florence Henderson, Gene Wilder, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Nancy Reagan, Fidel Castro, George Michael, Debbie Reynolds, Doris Roberts, Arnold Palmer, and Carrie Fisher.

Overall, there were many ups and downs this year, like many years. I guess this year was such a hectic year for a number of people because of the election. Now that 2016 is complete, make the most out of 2017!