2016-2017 LCHS Goals

2016-2017 LCHS Goals

Davina Lewis, Editor


Goals are an ambition or aim, and here at LCHS, we have many goals; many of them have been met. This year, there are 2 more goals added to the list of objectives.

According to Principal Orr, “We have two goals for our school: the first one surrounding attendance…the other goal that we’re having is… making sure that 30% of our junior class meets all four benchmarks on the ACT test.”

Regarding the attendance, Orr says, “We want to improve student attendance. The specific goal is still being developed by an attendance committee, teachers, and Mrs. Fox, who’s in charge of the attendance for the whole system. So, we are trying to develop exactly what that goal is going to be, but we are going to provide some incentives, some pretty nice incentives, in fact, for kids who have really good attendance at school this year.”

In short, students will be given some sort of reward for having satisfactory attendance.

Concerning ACT scores, Orr says, “The Benchmark’s associated with each one of the ACT tests; we’re trying to get at least 30% of our students, in the junior class, to get all four of those Benchmarks, and we’re gonna have signs up… saying ‘have you hit the mark?’ It’s got all four Benchmarks on it.”

The four Benchmarks are the four different areas tested by the ACT test. The test covers English, math, reading, and science.  The goals are different for each test category dependent upon our previous scores and average state scores.

Orr continued, “We feel if the students have [good] ACT scores, that means possible scholarship money for them; it means that they don’t have to spend money on remedial classes when they go to college, and, obviously the chance of going to, maybe, a better school. So, we’re really going to focus this year on improving ACT scores across the board.”

With these benefits, LCHS wants to aid the junior class in increasing ACT score.

Many students may have seen changes occurring in their classrooms already with weekly ACT practice and ACT driven bellringers (essay questions and activities that are assigned and completed at the beginning of a class).

Beyond the classroom, there is a school-wide contest to correctly answer the weekly ACT question. Students simply have to scan the code and be one of the first two to take the scores to a member of administration.

Many changes are occurring at LCHS, and students are experiencing new things. With rewards for attendance, and a better chance for higher ACT scores, there are benefits with these changes.