Lenoir City Painthers


The Painthers in action at one of our home games.

You’ve seen them, and you’ve definitely heard them, but do you know them?


The “Painthers” are a group of dedicated young men that come to every game with their whole upper body painted and ready to support our football team.


They are a legacy handed down from class to class with a simple objection: show up, paint up, shout loud!


The “Painthers” are made up of upper class male students who love football.


The group consists of male students such as Will Hodge (12), Brandon Hunt (12), Chase Presley (12), Andrew Arthur (12), Michael Gray (12), Jason Patel (12), Parker Simpson (12), and many more.


But it doesn’t stop there, even though they can’t paint up, lovely women students like Becca Reed (12) and Taylor Henry (12) are always ready with supplies to paint the boys.


Our student body has done this for many years now, and the challenge has been proudly met by our 2016 “Painthers”.


“I like showing my school spirit and supporting the football team” said Brandon Hunt.


“It’s a chance to take my shirt off and support our team” said Jason Patel.


Even during away games, you can expect to see these outgoing men shouting their hearts out.


Thanks to the spirit of the men and women behind the “Painthers” our football games will never be silent!