Jeremy Woody

Cayden Clark hits the Quan before social studies.

Jeremy Woody

Hitting the Quan is a dance craze originated from a vine earlier in the summer of 2015.


The featured song is called “Hit the Quan” by I Heart Memphis. The craze has since swept through the school. Some students understand what the  dance is, but others have no idea.


After doing some quick research, one would learn that the dance is literally just a teenage dancing outside of his house to the catchy song with simple choreography added.


Hitting the Quan also made an appearance in the LCHS battle of the bridge pep rally as the seniors and cheerleaders energetically took part in the dance.


According to the cheer coach, the dance was performed a few days prior at a community pep rally. “The administrators thought it was a cute little fun thing to do, so they asked if we could do the dance at the real pep rally”, said coach Russell.  So girls enjoyed hitting the Quan during school, others thought it was rather strange. “I was really embarrassed, but it was still really fun”, said junior cheerleader Taylor Moore.


Others take the dance to a humorous level. “Hit the Quan is life”, said Cayden Clark as he busts out into the dance upon mention.


“ I like how it brought all the seniors together. I thought that was very enjoyable”, said Haley VanHoose, thus cementing the minor but still present cultural effect the dance has made in the school.