Snowmageddon 2015

Snow and ice covers Lenoir City

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Graduation 2016
May 15, 2015
Snowmageddon 2015

Last Monday night, East Tennessee was hit with an ice storm, leaving several homes without power.  Lenoir City students hoped to have no school on Tuesday, and to their excitement, they were granted an extra day off.  In some households the power came back on quickly, but other’s power stayed out for days.  My family was lucky enough to have a wood burning stove to heat some of the rooms.  LCUB was working in terrible conditions.  They trudged through the weather around the clock to help people get power. Eleven people across Tennessee lost their lives due to hypothermia.

On Tuesday, the weather was still icy.  Several trees, covered in hundreds of pounds of ice, eventually gave up.  Some were bent over, and others snapped, sometimes landing in the middle of the road.  Some people were still without power.  Sheri Parker, a junior, and her family had to go into town and rent a hotel room. With nothing to do, my family resulted to intense games of Monopoly.  In order to lift spirits, some people went sledding and built snowmen.

Snowballs fights broke out across the town.  Lenoir City announced that there would not be school on Wednesday either.  The excitement continued to grow.  Some even toyed the idea that we might get an early spring break.

On Wednesday, the snow continued to fall.  This created the perfect environment for sledding.  The scenery was beautiful, which lead to the typical white girl selfies in the snow.  Lenoir City announced that school would be cancelled for the rest of the week.  The news spread quickly through social media.  Several students, exuberant with the news, made plans with friends.  Jandi Palmer, a junior, went four-wheeling in the snow.  Alexis Moats, a sophomore, and her family went to a Lady Vols basketball game and got to sit in Holly Warlick’s seat.  David Weaver, a junior, said he took off his shirt and ran around in the snow.  The basketball District Tournament that the boys had worked so hard for was postponed countless times until it was eventually cancelled altogether.